Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (2024)

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (1)

Whether you'll be spending Valentine's Day with your special someone or blissfully single, there's no denying that there's love in the air. In the dark and cold of February, we could all use a little warmth and sweetness in our lives, and we could some on our home screens, too! Put a little love in your heart and your Android with a beautiful new wallpaper. Whether you want to upgrade it from just a wallpaper to a full-blown home screen theme is up to you, but each of these walls can upgrade the love factor of your phone all on its own.

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (2)Love Bytes Back


Everybody deserves love, even that little pixelated T-Rex from the offline Chrome tab game. Backdrops has about a dozen love-related wallpapers, but really, what's more romantic than two 2D carnivores frolicking in the desert?

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (3)Feel the fireworks

A Whole New World

Maybe it's just that it's been almost a year since I've seen proper fireworks, but is there anything more romantic than taking in a nighttime show in the arms of someone you adore?

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (4)Kissed by a rose

Summer Rose by insomniac199

Like love, roses take a lot of time, love, and care to maintain. They're prone to hurt you if you're not careful (and even if you are). They usually take forever to bloom into something beautiful, and then that beauty can fade so quickly, but they're so, so worth it.

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (5)Brains and beauty

This geometric, gradient-filled heart is overlaid with an algorithmic lattice, and the wallpaper's warm gradient is dotted with stars. On the whole, this is a beautiful piece, which makes it little wonder that it's been showcased on Google's Wallpapers app under the Art category. There's also a darker version for those looking for something a little less pink.

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (6)Come back, Howl

Howl and Sophie Wallpaper by Yuuza

Howl is brash, vain, and for all his magical know-how and tactical experience, he is, at heart, an idiot. And just as Sophie peels back the layers on Howl's life in Howl's Moving Castle and begins to see and love him for what he truly is, Howl learns to see past the spell on Sophie and trust her and the feelings he has for her. Love is about acceptance, love is about trust, and love is about overcoming your own fear for another.

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (7)Golden glow

Sunset Rose by Ara Wagoner

This may be one of the better pictures I've ever taken. Snapped alongside a rose path at Epcot, this yellow rose has the perfect kiss of sun on it. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, not romance, so this wallpaper can give your phone a festive air without being lovey-dovey.

Love isn't always light

Dark Disney Princess Themes

Want a Valentine's Day theme for you phone fit for royalty? Head over to our Dark Disney Princess theme pack for some delectable themes with a dark flair and fresh new music widgets. Whether you're singing So This is Love or A Whole New World, we've got themes for the original OTPs!

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (9)Is this a kissing wallpaper?

As you wish... by nuke-vizard

Yes, The Princess Bride is a kissing story, and we don't mind so much anymore. Buttercup and Wesley is also a love story that is as messed up as it is awesome and romantic, and Wesley's three-word confession / affirmation of love is endearing, adorable, and makes every girl yearn for a pirate to order around. It's inconceivable how versatile this quote wallpaper is!

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (10)Build Your Own Valentine


If no existing wallpapers suit your fancy, that's OK! You can make your own Valentine's wallpaper with Tapet. You choose your own palette and pattern, then Tapet will build you a custom wallpaper.

Love is in the air — and in the Android!

Valentine's Day might one be one day a year, but the lovey-dovey wallpapers it inspires are great for all seasons! I'm especially a fan of the nerdy love affair in the Love Bytes Back in Backdrops, because if anyone deserves happiness, it's the T-Rex that keeps us all company when our internet leaves us isolated!

Another lovely look I come back to again and again is the Disney Parks' Blog Whole New World. Fireworks are something I took for granted after I moved to Walt Disney World, and I always swooned during the love-song portion of the nightly fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. I can't see those fireworks right now, but this wallpaper reminds me of the spark of love and the light it brings to everyone's lives.

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Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (11)

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in this article.

Valentine's Day Wallpapers for Android:

The article discusses different wallpapers that can be used to add a touch of love to your Android phone. It suggests several options, including love-related wallpapers, wallpapers featuring fireworks, roses, geometric hearts, Disney themes, and customizable wallpapers. Each wallpaper mentioned in the article is described with its unique features and the emotions it evokes.

Love in the Air:

The article emphasizes the romantic atmosphere of Valentine's Day and the desire to add warmth and sweetness to our lives during the dark and cold month of February. It suggests that using love-themed wallpapers on our Android phones can enhance the love factor and create a festive atmosphere.

Wallpapers Mentioned:

  1. Love Bytes Back in Backdrops: This wallpaper features pixelated T-Rexes frolicking in the desert, symbolizing that everybody deserves love.
  2. A Whole New World: This wallpaper captures the romance of watching nighttime fireworks with someone you adore.
  3. Summer Rose by insomniac199: This wallpaper showcases a rose, symbolizing the time, love, and care required to maintain a beautiful relationship.
  4. Interstellar Heart III by VessDSign: This wallpaper features a geometric heart with a warm gradient and stars, representing the beauty of love.
  5. Howl and Sophie Wallpaper by Yuuza: This wallpaper is inspired by the characters from "Howl's Moving Castle" and represents love, acceptance, and trust.
  6. Sunset Rose by Ara Wagoner: This wallpaper showcases a yellow rose kissed by the sun, symbolizing friendship rather than romance.
  7. Dark Disney Princess Themes: This theme pack offers dark-themed wallpapers inspired by Disney princesses, providing a unique twist on Valentine's Day themes.
  8. As you wish... by nuke-vizard: This wallpaper features a quote from "The Princess Bride" and represents the versatility of love.
  9. Tapet: This app allows users to create custom wallpapers by choosing their own palette and pattern.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the content of this article.

Best Wallpapers for Valentine's Day 2022 (2024)


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